Download games with resume supported


Games are trial version. how to make them full version?

There are only two type of games which has trial version.

1. Reflexive Games

2. Trymedia Games.

First We Will learn how to crack Reflexive Games.

All the games which have the image on this site like given below are related to reflexive game.


When you install the game it will show you the reflexive logo too before installing game in your pc .

ok lets go toward cracking process.

  • You need reflexfix to remove trial period from game ( download )
  • extract it using winrar or winzip
  • Install your game
  • run reflexfix.exe
  • choose unwrap

2. then it will show you the game directory and it create a file named “UNPACKED”  in your game directory. run it .  now your game is cracked!. make a shortcut of unpacked file on your desktop!

tested on all latest games by reflexive.

If you can;t understand the above tutorial then download video tutorial

click here to download ( extract the zip file and run reflexive.html)

Now we will learn how to crack trymedia games

when you install the game run the game to make sure that game is from trymedia. don;t play the trial version.

Now have to download a tool knowns as trydeam (download trydeam)


After open the file you will see the window looks like below

First click on [AM version] then
browse the game.exe file from your game directory . To find game.exe open cdrive then program files . then open your game folder then game.exe for example here we are going to crack broomstick game ( here game.exe = main.exe ) . select game.exe and press open

If you see the window looks like below

then click on OK and click on unpack . select game.exe and click on open after click on open you can see the window looks like
Tutorialclick on the image to veiw full size

then click on desktop and save the file . after that you have the file looks like game.exe on your desktop . just copy it and paste in your game directory. game directory is the folder where your game is installed cdrive/program files / your game folder .
cracks = game.exe

If you see the window looks like below during checking AM version Then sorry guys you can’t create a permanent crack for the game .  but we have solution for this too.

i hope you didn;t play the trial game .  if you played the game then reinstall your game and continue to read below.

1.  you need a  tool known as neokwito . ( click here to download)

2.  install and run it

3. initially the language is poliski , so change it to engilsh ( polski.lng to enlish.lng)

4.  click on scan.

5.  click on ok

6.  it will automatically scan your pc ( hardly take 10 sec). then click on select all item.

7.  finally click on “reset selected trials “  . new window appear , click on yes , again click on yes . that’s it.

Now go to game directory ( c drive/programfiles/your game folder/)

find your game launcher and right click on it. select properties. and set the attribute to “read only” . All done

Now you can play the trial version game. whenever your trial version expires then use neokwinto and remove activemarks from your pc and play the game again.

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