Download games with resume supported

Topic: Report broken links

Date: 13/05/2011

By: girijanandu

Subject: installation of games

how to install games in my pc what software supports to that games

PLZ help me

Date: 13/05/2011

By: nandu

Subject: installing problem

i download the games from media fire bit there are not seaming

Date: 11/09/2010

By: wasi

Subject: Ur site is the best



Date: 03/02/2010

By: Bloodthrister

Subject: Red Alert 3

The links have their files removed from filefly. Making it impossible to download the game!

Date: 22/12/2009

By: GameLover

Subject: BattleStation Pacific

Link not having any files

Date: 21/08/2009

By: Diablo2player

Subject: Got it !

Hi there , I posted my problem here before? it's solved now !
& I write here now to help anyone has a problem in download.
If you failed to download a file , just try it in another browser !
I did that & the link worked well !
also , try to add all the links in your download program (as IDM)
I thank the site owner very much :)
it's really a wonderful site ! keep it works ! ;)

Date: 23/11/2009

By: tam

Subject: Re: Got it !

can some1 help me to get started im not sure how to even start downloading i found the game i want but dont know how to go about downloading it

Date: 15/08/2009

By: Diablo2player

Subject: same problem in far cry2

I also have the same problem in Far Cry 2 I cannot download the part number 18 as it cannot find the server "remote host forcibly closed..." please help us..

Date: 26/07/2009

By: prasun

Subject: i cant download gow-tcoraoda.r03 file while downloading riddick dark athena

whenever i try to download this file (gow-tcoraoda.r03) in mediafire for riddick adrk athena its cants find the server. plz help and give me a workable link for downloading that part3 file for riddick.


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